I loathe the ending. And I'm standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. Ash doesn't believe in a better life. As for the ending, quite notably, Ash chooses to die since he is not mortally wounded. He wanted to die. i initially thought he was alive too, i mean he could've whipped out his phone and call anyone to help him... but then thinking back, either way he wouldn't have had a happy ending. The author, Yoshida, has said she thinks its basically karma. he died in the confinements of a peaceful library, his head resting against the letter his beloved gave. If he were to go to a hospital he would get caught and go back to prison for his crimes. Naturally, that's not the only interpretation and I'm not trying to say "The Perfect Day for Bananafish" interpretation is the right one either. "Banana Fish," scene from Episode 24 showing the death of character Ash Lynx at the New York Public Library. There's a reason why didn't ask for help. And the more I ponder over it, the more I think there's several positive messages that can be taken from it as well. Just. When he was so close to escaping to Japan with Eiji and finally finding happiness. When Ash goes into Abraham Dawson's home, the creator of banana fish, they meet Yut Lung who disguises himself as Alexis Dawson's (Abraham's older brother) adopted son. Ash is my favourite character, and will always be. ... quote banana fish eiji ash ash lynx aslan full letter sayonara friends connected protect manga spoiler banana fish spoiler; Does Ash Die in Banana Fish? Eiji was the only thing keeping him going at some point, and maybe the letter was enough confirmation for him, knowing that Eiji will be safe in Japan and always thinking of him, as a wanted criminal (at least I assume he is, it's kind of confusing that they arrest him, pronounce him dead on tv and then Dino throws a party to announce that he's adopted him) his only options would be to go back to gang life or continue acting as Dino's son and lead the drug syndicate (or whatever the organization was). The ending doesn't erase everything I love about the series up to that point, but by God if it doesn't make everything feel so...pointless. Eiji was the first person to Ash who has done something good to him without wanting anything in return, Eiji wants to protect Ash despite his lack of experience with fighting, using guns or being part of a gang. And watching the anime this line stuck out a lot to me ( I can’t remember if it was in the manga or not) but the orderly at the mental hospital straight up tells Ash that if he tries to escape it’ll be straight back to jail for him and that is definitely not the freedom that Ash wanted. That is why it's one of the reason i was impressed in Banana fish. The only times in which Ash would actively choose death was to protect Eiji. I've finished the manga and the ending is such a pain that I don't know how to feel anymore. In the last 6 episodes alone, Ash … I am, and will probably always be, very conflicted about the ending of Banana Fish. His most notable feature is a large purple mohawk style hair that covers largely the top and right side of his head. He is shown wearing glasses when reading, suggesting that he’s long-sighted. He has blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin and is extremely beautiful in appearance, as remarked on by numerous characters in the series. were, above everything and anything else, soulmates. It was kinda hard to take. There's no way we're getting a second season. Ash proceeds to die via drowning in an attempt to restore the sea-crown as the underwater castle they are currently in is filling with water. To me, it seems so bleak and cruel and runs counter to what I understood to be her message throughout the series. One night, Dino hired some of Ash’s gang members to go after and kill a certain man. His normal attire consists of a white, loose T-shirt, blue jeans, brown belt and red sneakers. I guess if you want an explanation of it. And well...welcome to the club of people who've survived the BF ending. Maybe he found that there was no point because even if he wanted to go to Japan with Eiji he would be sent back to jail before then. I just finished it, and I can hardly believe this is the end. The day Ash Lynx died, Nadia lost Shorter. If you don't like it, don't worry you're not alone, most of us don't like or even hate the ending. Hes suffered so much to him it was time. Golzine is usually well mannered and does not typically retort to insulting unless provoked.