Re: legal or not laundry drain; Author: SMSPlumbing (MD) I purchased my house just over a year ago. A basic washing machine grey water recycling system consists of little more than a storage tank and a gravity-fed irrigation hose. The previous homeowner was a jack of all trades, but a master at none. One for plumbers. Draining washing machine outside Hi, I am wondering what i need to do to drain my washing machine outside instead of down the septic? It is in the basement and will need to go into the joist space and outside. Piping a washing machine into to a rainwater drain that runs to a soakaway is illegal, so I believe. With the soap and bleach I'm not sure of just pumping in to the lawn. I relocated the drain and it now goes to an old drywell. Tennants would like something more "permanent." Having had a washing machine drain line problem this weekend, I began wondering about ways of disposing of the drain water. The term does not include wastewater: (1) That has come in contact with toilet waste; (So does the outdoor washing machine but that is another program.) That is by treating the washing machine waste water - some sort of box or whatever? I can get a water supply to it from the downstairs loo next door but I'm thinking that the easiest thing to do with the waste water is pipe it out through the garage wall to a rain drain where the gutter downflow from the garage roof is. Install a separate drywell to receive water from the washing machine drain, and perhaps dishwasher and other graywater. Your neighbor was probably just wondering what the weird noise was. I want to move my washing machine from the kitchen to the garage. The most modern looking house will have the washing machine indoors and hooked up to the septic system. Wear something she'll appreciate on washing day. Most States it is illegal to dump greywater directly on the ground. (e) In this section, “greywater” means wastewater from clothes-washing machines, showers, bathtubs, hand-washing lavatories, and sinks that are not used for disposal of hazardous or toxic ingredients. my ceilings are low (6.5 ft) and drain will go about 10 feet horizontally to get to outside … Be sure to put the machine on something so it doesn't rust any faster. I am also on a septic system. Vent for Washing Machine Drain Attached to Existing Drain Line [ 0 Answers ] "Current setup for a washing machine has the discharge hose "hooked" into a laundry tub. Spread out use of the washing machine over longer intervals - perhaps washing loads in morning and at night rather than running one laundry load right after another. He piped the drain for the washing machine to a floor drain which drained out to the street. Does anyone know of away to connect to a rainwater drain. The laundry tub has a normal trap followed by a horizontal run of about 2 feet (2" threaded pipe) then "T's" into a vertical drain/vent. Also, most States that allow the use of greywater, require that the system be designed and built by a licensed plumber certified by the State in Greywater treatment and disposal systemsl just any ole plumber will not due. Under the current code washing machine systems can be constructed without a permit in single family homes (1 or 2 units), so long as 13 guidelines are followed (see below). It's not illegal to use it outside, the only problem you could have is where the dirty water goes. If it goes through it's proper drain, it should be okay. is it legal to drain washing machine outside? The washing machine drains … California’s greywater code is found in Chapter 15 of the California Plumbing Code (CPC) (as of 2017, previously it was in Chapter 16) . The washing machine will be a low water usage state-of-the-art model.