Its … We must also work for this cause. In this age of growing technology, this is the need of the hour. The land is also being used to set up industries. Annette Mayes was born at Middleton Place about 1846, her life spanning the days of slavery, Reconstruction, and first third of the 20 th century. Suppose, you are Abib/ Abiba and your friend is Farsin/ Farisha. The urban areas these days are mostly devoid of trees and plants. There are numerous reasons why tree plantation is important. The Myrtles Plantation started out as a piece of land purchased by David Bradford, a general of the American Revolutionary War. Besides, if each student from each school and college in the country takes part in tree plantation campaign every month, we will be growing so many trees. These organizations do not only indulge in tree plantation activities and other activities to spread greenery but also engage in motivating others to work for this cause. Offers historic and ghost tours, and operates as a bed and breakfast and event facility. This is not how it should be. The myrtles plantation is allegedly said to be haunted.Legends have it that a horrific murder happened 150 years ago.There’s something weird about old estates.. They learn the lesson for their exam and forget about it later. Her name first appears on Middleton Place slave lists in 1853, where she is listed with her father July (who took the surname Wright upon emancipation), mother Dye, and sister Molly. Enjoy reading this story. This is a short paragraph on tree plantation for hsc, ssc and almost every class. Your email address will not be published. Trees serve as a habitat for birds as well as a number of animals. Tree plantation involves transplanting tree seedlings to grow forests and spread greenery around. }); Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt. A famous quote reads, “Imagine if trees gave off Wifi signals we’d be planting so many trees, we’d probably save the planet. Trees provide raw material such as wood, rubber, etc that is turned into furniture, utensils, papers, decorative items and what not. If you are not doing it, it is time you must take this up seriously and put in whatever little efforts you can to improve the environment. Following her marriage to Charles Gore in 1891, Laura moved to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. //-->. They live on and around the trees and also get food from them. With the financial help provided by the government, these organizations can take up bigger projects and encourage other people by way of advertisements in television, newspapers as well as big roadside hoardings. All they want is to expand their business and earn money. google_ad_slot = "1982849078"; A passionate writer, writing content for many years and regularly writing for and other Popular web portals. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6070398767421094"; Trees provide us with many benefits necessary for survival, including clean air, access to clear water, shade, and food. Balasubrahmanyam, the Exnora in partnership with S.P.B. Plantation Stories: Jacob & Henry "Thomas here's your bosses new orders!" May-Lan Tree Plantation 156 Cooley Bridge Road Pelzer, SC 29669 (864) 243-3092 (864) 243-3065 (fax) Store Hours: (Seasonal) @ 2004 - 2010 May-Lan Tree Plantation Developed and maintained by Spalding Computer Services Last Update: 11/07/2014 The rest are so engrossed in their lives that they do not understand that without enough trees around we wouldn’t be able to live long. Among them there also an ugly tree whose branches were badly twisted. yells Paul as he rides into the plantation with 7 slaves, 5 male and 2 women. Time for tree-plantation: Generally, rainy season is the best time for tree-plantation. Importance of Tree Plantation for Forestry. Trees save our land from erosion and maintain the fertility of the soil. Furthermore, there are various reasons behind tree plantation but the most important are forestry, land reclamation, and landscaping. On the other hand, the urban residential and industrial areas have poor air quality due to the growing pollution and lesser number of trees around. Students are given brief knowledge about the importance of tree plantation and keeping the environment clean in their environmental science class. In 1936, Laura completed her handwritten, "Memories of the Old Plantation Home." With the help of tree plantation, forests can be grown faster. This is a short paragraph on tree plantation for hsc, ssc and almost every class. We regularly check up to see how the trees are doing, and we have a 95 percent survival rate. Paragraph on Importance of Tree Plantation, Essay on the Importance of Trees in our Life, Speech on Importance of Trees in our Lives. While we must stop deforestation and save trees however with the growing demand of wood, rubber and various products made from trees it can only be restricted to some extent. Tree plantation is done for this purpose. Trees Are a Boon for the Birds and Wild Life. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});