Other peach and nectarine varieties were used to test the feasibility of maturity prediction by this method, and it was found that maturity was successfully predicted in all the samples. Optimum harvest maturity is one of the important factors determining the quality of avocado fruit. 7�P��::��m�2z0$Lb�����e�E1�<�U6�Z21�B3�mNx[����H�Q���ߙqˎ�-!j� At fruit maturation, 30 of the developmentally uniform fruits at veraison (maturity degree I) and 30 of fruits that had reached harvesting maturity (maturity degree II) were collected from the central periphery of the tree at 8:00 am on a sunny morning. The correlation coefficient between firmness with pericarp and without pericarp was 0.966** and 0.955** for ‘Xiahui 8’ and ‘Xiaguang’, respectively. [13] performed a non-destructive evaluation on seven peach and five nectarine varieties and found that there was an extremely significant linear regression relationship between the IAD value and fruit firmness, and that there were variations among different varieties. These data indicate that a higher maturity degree results in a lower IAD value, lower fruit firmness, a deeper red color, and a higher inclusion content, but the soluble sugar and organic acid compositions varied in the different varieties. The CVs for fruit IAD, and sorbitol, quinic acid, and citric acid contents were relatively large in ‘Xiahui 8’ at both maturity degree points. "Determination of Farmers’ Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Agricultural Land Use in the GAP-Harran Plain of Turkey," Land, MDPI, Open Access Journal, vol. Of the various measures, the MSAS Total score correlated most highly with overall quality of life (rs = … https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0177511, Editor: Yuepeng Han, Wuhan Botanical Garden, CHINA, Received: April 5, 2017; Accepted: April 29, 2017; Published: May 15, 2017. 3 Harvest Maturity Maturity Indices • Peppers Size Color Firmness Seed and locule development • Tomato External and Internal color Development of locules (jelly) Firmness Size Development of cuticle Harvest & Maturity Indices Peppers & Chiles Jalapeños GREEN The tomato surface is completely green. Block Information on Published data Published data. 4. Gonçalves et al. Unfortunately, at present, it is difficult to determine the maturity level of peach fruits by artificial methods. It is a stage appears at any time between development and growth of any plant upon fruit. The IAD value was significantly or extremely significantly correlated with color difference, firmness, and glucose and sorbitol contents in ‘Xiaguang’, but not with other indicators. The sugar/acid ratio was calculated from the total sugar and total acid contents. The establishment of a prediction model for fruit maturity is of great significance when attempting to determine fruit maturity and timely harvesting. The value 2.2 represents green, and 0 represents complete maturity [4,15]. Currently, avocado harvest maturity is mostly determined using markers or indices such as mesocarp oil, dry matter, or moisture content, all quantified destructively using representative samples of a batch in a consignment. Therefore, it is necessary or essential to pick up the fruits or vegetables at correct stage of maturity to facilitate proper ripening, distant transportation and maximum storage life. [13] studied the relationship between fruit firmness and IAD using 12 peach varieties and found positive correlations between the firmness without pericarp and IAD for all varieties with a minimum R2 of 0.108 and a maximum R2 of 0.65. We also thank Dr. Juan Yan for providing the facilities for the high performance liquid chromatography for the soluble sugar and organic acid components determinations. In this study, the P value for the linear regression model between fruit firmness with or without pericarp and IAD was 0.0001 for both varieties and their Durbin-Watson statistic did not significantly deviate from 2, which indicated that the linear relationship between fruit firmness and IAD can be used to predict fruit maturity. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0177511.t001, https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0177511.t002. Institute of Pomology, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Horticultural Crop Genetic Improvement, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. Yes the area of fruits and vegetables grown in Canada; their production; their farm gate value. :֘xM=���J�*�뼅��HY3૊Cߧ7�2��X�½�oC����2�r�c�L&x�z*����I�$I�P������θ���1�ӌM�Ǚ���M�������3�?~M�У�wL*��La�c ���`�zr:����Z%�EG������`��ހv�I {�u�+:�w���5I��M�"�w�I�rHi�FL�Ш��T���t}ES�/p�-fg�*�Z����[�@��)�.Ӊq��>E~�^�ab�?n�a�z�l�M�K(��͢H �+�� �{�� ��Q These search results have not been confirmed by NIEHS and are therefore, not official. The correlation coefficient between sorbitol and IAD was 0.35 and 0.71 in ‘Xiahui 8’ and ‘Xiaguang’, respectively, with determination coefficients (R2) of 0.1225 and 0.5041, respectively. No, Is the Subject Area "Pericarp" applicable to this article? The SSC was expressed in Brix at 20°C [18,19]. 2. The correlation analysis between IAD value and the indicators for the three fruit populations for each variety suggested that most indicators, such as L*, h, a*/b*, sucrose, quinic acid, total acid, sugar acid ratio, etc., were significantly or extremely significantly correlated with the IAD value only at certain maturity degree points and that there was a poor consistency between varieties. No significant difference was observed between estimated and observed values after regression prediction. The company donates money from the harvest to the New Hampshire Food The glucose content and sugar acid ratio of ‘Xiahui 8’ at degree I were lower than at degree II, whereas the malic acid, quinic acid, and total acid contents were higher, but these indicators showed an opposite trend in ‘Xiaguang’. The a*/b* value can reflect the true color of the fruit [23,24], and was 2.54-fold and 1.94-fold higher in the degree II fruit than degree I ‘Xiahui 8’ and ‘Xiaguang’ fruit, respectively. Kyo Soung Koo & Soorim Song & Jae Hyeok Choi & Ha Copyright: © 2017 Zhang et al. In addition, the relationship between peach maturity and firmness has rarely been investigated by previous studies. 2. BREAKERSThere is a definite break of color from green to bruised fruit tannish-yellow, pink or red or 10% or less of the tomato surface. x��=ۖܶ����~�3��a� 0O�%�+'�li���>�U#K�˺�����-�(� ���J�X4 �Bݫ������^~|u~�웯7�lz���� y��yx������M��^oN�6}7M�V��*�O��ë��LgF�1z�����u����ɷ��ͱ������]��T�hG�M�_m�&M�������q����Y��x{�;e��G�H�?A+ ��ӨU�������y��Խ�b�'y�$�H߿�wr�6,�}�ыyj¥��6���`�>L��/�{��0� �qm��u�A[7���vCo�l�O�R����H3B�����=�KXyA��E��SR9�B9!������ KAdJ����ħ�����7d�� yNN)�/��$�O��� �Ͻ�)=�N(�qyߘE��}�PJ��Kfd)�q�i��T�l��<3�;���c�H��,�I9�Z6B��H��I�B�Mړ�8�g���@���S?�4v8z�}t�g��0G��Mz��ۅ�oeg�AX��z�8�3?�.��fb[�|@e�~�ޭ�/@�ri5L�f+�S��"��H��-h ��ǃ!��K}�X.p���)B�`�t��Ƕ� ���v�F�Z���������!N�8݃��qsG!VF;��Mf�vA�%J�e�èZtc�m�1�����Z��w�WY���S�������˳����Lģ8�O��B�v��^k 2 ����d��N��mk��1뱀׃2 &�- X�>i�,6� %���Ӽ0spg�+%��"�̸�-Y�ty� �}��徾O�XHa"�e����B����K�3�/��N*!���'9�V)�� Y�}~݊�3b��^dQ����� Prosperity Indiana is excited to announce two additions to our full-time staff: Michaela Wischmeier as Research & Communications Specialist and Natalie James as Coalition Builder. ��ßWJ괜,r��T�%F1G6bK�e�� The horticultural maturity of fruits and vegetables depends upon the purpose for which it is harvested. Gonçalves et al. Then, the chroma (C*), hue angle (h) [16,17], and a*/b* were calculated. [14] collected the IAD at harvest of both early and late maturity peach varieties, carried out a non-linear regression analysis of the change in firmness during shelf time, and established the Logistic model of firmness change. Fruit ripening is a genetically programmed stage of development overlapping with senescence. Fruit IAD, h, a*/b*, firmness with pericarp, firmness without pericarp, and the sorbitol, quinic acid, and citric acid contents of ‘Xiaguang’ at both maturity degree points had relatively high CVs, as did the a* in degree I fruit and sucrose content of degree II fruit (Table 2). The result indicated that the IAD can be used as an index to predict peach fruit maturity. Eugenio Cejudo García & José Antonio Cañete Pérez & Francisco Navarro Valverde & Noelia Ruiz Moya, 2020. The tested trees showed moderate growth with an open vase form. Example: The French bean pod of okra pod is matured when it is tender with maximum size, as per horticultural maturity. 1-6. %PDF-1.4 The SSC prediction for peach fruit by visible/near infrared spectroscopy combined with PLS showed that all the prediction models had a high coefficient of determination, and its prediction accuracy was high for the tested varieties [27,28]. No, PLOS is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, #C2354500, based in San Francisco, California, US, https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0177511, https://figshare.com/s/65769c208399484a1deb. Fruits and vegetables play an important role in keeping the body healthy and have numerous benefits. The IAD value of the pericarp was determined by a DA-Meter (TR Turoni srl, Forlì, Italy). The above-mentioned indicators for each fruit were one-to-one matched by ensuring the order of the assays. According to a study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, more than a third of today’s families have had to devote at least 30% of their combined household income to the monthly mortgage payment—and that figure exceeds the generally accepted standard. Owing to lack of storage facilities in developing countries like India, huge quantity of fruits and vegetables are wasted. Harvest maturity is closely related to peach fruit quality and has a very important effect on the fresh fruit market. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0177511.s001. Yes Therefore, it should be possible to establish a maturity prediction model using a regression analysis of firmness data with or without pericarp and the IAD value. Step 1 Masters thesis, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Faculty of Science. Differences were observed in the glucose, malic acid, quinic acid contents, and the total acid and sugar acid ratio between the two varieties at the different maturity degree points. In this study, an extremely significant negative correlation was seen between SSC and IAD in ‘Xiahui 8’, but there were no significant positive correlations. The correlations between IAD value and the color difference, firmness, SSC, soluble sugar content, and organic acid indicators of the fruits at maturity degrees I and II and for all fruits were analyzed, and a regression analysis was performed on the indicators closely related to the IAD value to try and establish the equation for the prediction of peach fruit maturity. Immature fruit vegetables: very rapidly developing and changing. The experiment was performed at the peach orchard of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2015 using the fruits of the 7a late maturity peach variety ‘Xiahui 8’ and late maturity nectarine variety ‘Xiaguang’ as experimental materials. ISSN 2214-7853 Aabid, Abdul and Khan, Sher Afghan (2020) Investigation of high No, Is the Subject Area "Polynomials" applicable to this article? • For selecting the harvest maturity of fruits or vegetables it should be kept in mind that harvested commodity should have its peak acceptable quality (nontoxic, size, appearance, and flavor with adequate shelf life) (Thompson, 1996). Mehde, Atheer Awad and Mehdi, Wesen Adel and Yusof, Faridah and Ahmad Raus, Raha and Zainal Abidin, Zaima Azira and Ghazali, Hamid and Abd Rahman, Azlina (2017) Determination of alpha-2-MRAP gene polymorphisms F�_fL��f�,D�n�QX�u@����0���ECc�d$� Aroma and taste of the fruit are determined by its maturity level. Discuss the different techniques used for determination of maturity indices of fruits - 6528722 Funding: This work was supported by the earmarked fund of China Agriculture Research System (No.CARS-31), Ruijuan Ma (, and Jiangsu Agriculture Science and Technology Innovation Fund [No. Therefore, it is highly suitable for fruit quality estimation at the end of the supply chain. Postharvest technologies deal with separation, sampling, sizing, sorting, grading and marketing operations. Data for firmness and the IAD values of other peach and nectarine varieties, respectively, were used to establish the regression equations. 2. ¾ Food safety of fresh fruits and vegetables ¾ Good agricultural practices (GAPs) ¾ Good manufacturing practices (GMPs) ¾ Principles and practices of food safety management ¾ Food laws and food safety regulations Additional Resources – include relevant reference documents and web information on issues addressed by this manual. They used time resolution reflectance spectroscopy to evaluate the degree of maturity and believed that the measurement of IAD at harvest might classify the fruits into various categories based their potential shelf time, which may ensure better fruit quality. For instance, in alpanso and pairi mango varieties, it takes about 110 to 125 days after fruit set for surface color to change from dark green to olive-green and flesh color from white to pale yellow (Bhatnagar and Suramanyam, 1971). There was no positive correlation between SSC and IAD, but the sorbitol content was closely related to IAD. Determination of Maturity and Degree Day Indices and their Success in Predicting Peanut ... vegetables, and peanut (Sanders et al., 1982b; NeSmith and Hoogenboom, 1994; Dufault, 1997; Perry et al., 1997; Andrade et al., 2000; Cober et al., 2001; Viator et al., 2005), and many natural species (Spano et al., 1999). here. Processing, which seeks to preserve or extract key components of a commodity, can range from complex unit operations such as canning or jui-cing to minimally processing. chroma; H, Furthermore, there was no correlation for ‘Xiaguang’, which indicated that SSC was a fruit quality indicator but cannot be used to determine harvesting timing [13,30,31]. Alrababah, Saif Addeen Ahmad Ali (2018) Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach For Product Aspect Extraction And Ranking In Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis. Prediction models for fruit maturity were established between firmness and the IAD of the two cultivars using the quadratic polynomial regression method. cluding fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs. In some fruits, the time taken between fruit set until the fruit starts showing signs of maturity has been recorded and this can be used to determine harvest time. Table 1 Classification of Fruit Vegetables on the Basis of Their Maturity When Harvested and "Horticulturally Mature" I. Immature fruit vegetables A. Fleshy fruits: cucumber, summar squash, eggplant, green pepper B. Nonfleshy fruits: snap beans, lima beans, southern peas (cowpeas), peas, broad breans, sweetcorn, okra II. 3. No, Is the Subject Area "Peach trees" applicable to this article? Therefore, there should be a method to determine the maturity level of harvested crop. Matteoli et al. 3 0 obj Z-score differences for assessment of growth based on cross-sectional growth charts do not reflect weight gain in preterm infants N. Rochow, Hamilton PO2.04.06 Child protection actions among children born preterm – the It is an alkaloid of the methylxanthine family. Accurate, efficient, and effective maturity indices must be used in order to supply high-quality fruits and vegetables for consumers and processors. It is important for fruits and vegetables to be of uniform size and characteristic shape (Mitcham et al., 1996). Determination of the Optimal Size of Photovoltaic Systems by Using Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Methods pp. As shown in Tables 1 and 2, the fruit IAD, color difference, firmness, SSC, sucrose, fructose, sorbitol, citric acid, and total sugar contents of ‘Xiahui 8’ and ‘Xiaguang’ at maturity degree I showed similar trends when compared to those at maturity degree II. The total sugar content was the content sum of four kinds of soluble sugars and the total acid content was the total content of four kinds of organic acids. The regression equations seem to fit well. International Food Research … mature, the importance of maturity determination, and some exam-ples of approaches to determining and applying a satisfactory index of maturity, are discussed in this chapter. In addition, fruit firmness and the IAD values of three peach varieties (‘Xiahui 5’, ‘Baihuashuimi’, and ‘Wanhujing’) and three nectarine varieties (‘Zijinhong 1’, ‘Zijinhong 2’, and ‘Huyou 018’) were determined. Traceability practices from grower to retail store or foodservice operator (i.e. Maturity at harvest is one of the main factors determining the quality of a product. PLoS ONE 12(5): It can be predicted by using different terminology like premature, mature and over mature. Applies to all levels of product and shipping containers, including pallets, cases and consumer items. They are to be used only for general information and to inform the public and grantees on the breadth of research funded by NIEHS. [29] did not observe a significant relationship between SSC and the indicators for maturity. They created prediction models for SSC and fruit firmness, and established the optimization potential of the model. In addition, maturity prediction models for other peach and nectarine varieties were also established using firmness and IAD values respectively, and all quadratic polynomial regression equations fitted well. 9(8), pages 1-15, August. 2 0 obj Typically, horti-cultural products can follow two commercialization chan-nels: fresh market or processing. broad scope, and wide readership – a perfect fit for your research every time. https://figshare.com/s/65769c208399484a1deb. 1.2 How do I use the document? 약��M�ܒ�����Ajհ�sƭ�T�N� Currently, IAD predication is carried out mostly on stone fruit trees, such as peach [10,11] and plum [12], etc. Rashid, Norul Azliza (2014) Determination of concentration of pesticide in groundwater using mass balance equation. "Wearable Sensor Data-Driven Walkability Assessment for Elderly People," Sustainability, MDPI, Open Access Journal, vol. Quality indices include primarily external properties, such as appearance, size, shape, color, texture, and flavor. The site facilitates research and collaboration in academic endeavors. Discover a faster, simpler path to publishing in a high-quality journal. In 2016, both firmness and the IAD for every fruit of ‘Xiahui 8’ and ‘Xiaguang’ were used to test the feasibility of the regression equations which were established in this study. They were planted north to south with ridge cultivation, and were managed by regular cultivation practices. The relationship between SSC and fruit maturity is controversial. 3. However, Pinto et al. The regression relationship between firmness and IAD can be used to predict the maturity of other peach and nectarine varieties. This suggested that light absorption and scattering are the main impacting factors on IAD, which will further affect the pericarp pigment and the change in fruit texture [4,25,26]. Some consumers associate larger size with higher quality. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Bakar, Padilah (2018) Determination Of Biogenic Amines In Fish Based Products Using Liquid Chromatographic And Capillary Electrophoresis. Synopsis of Fruit Development and Maturation. 4 0 obj Fresh Fruits and Vegetables First edition Codex standards for fresh fruits and vegetables and related texts such as the Code of Hygienic Practice for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are published in this compact format to allow their wide use and understanding by governments, regulatory authorities, food industries and retailers, and consumers. _��YM��O:4�i2L��[rƝ����L� e0177511. Determination of Residual Nicotine Content in Various E-Liquids Connor T. Willis (Dr. Justin Clar) Department of Chemistry E-cigarettes and e-cigarette liquids contain a complex mixture of components, including nicotine. 12(10), pages 1-13, May. When the fruit or vegetable ripen, the internal optical density decreases due to the conversion of bound water into free water in tissue that changes light-scattering properties. The increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables had a medium effect size on the reduction in HbA1c during Ramadan. PLOS ONE promises fair, rigorous peer review, Yes Nevertheless, other indicators, such as firmness with or without pericarp, showed a higher correlation coefficient with IAD than with sorbitol. As a respiration climacteric fruit, peaches release an increased amount of ethylene during ripening, and gene transcription also varies, which is often regulated by plant hormones [2–4]. Data Availability: All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. I. 5 0 obj Example: The okra pod is matured when it is tender with maximum size, as per horticultural maturity. � �T$/�~k\�Ѡ���w+���:��Z~4�M��g�|Y�,g�^$��{��'%S�fq*��5���SɄ�.#p_��F�R#d_���뤶�YP%��E��WoZ�J&��0G\�b��fr�\|��PU,Y���6#��(ip�1&~\��!�H�i���u�b��h�z��k��.�7�]����һk�jU�������A.g(U�N��y�!���qE+yP]H뜶h�y��˄�? A significant difference in pericarp color, IAD value, and most quality indicators was seen in the fruits at the different maturity degree points. Abdul Wahid, Rahmat (2014) Determination of elements in rice using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy and atomic absorption spectroscopy. No, Is the Subject Area "Peaches" applicable to this article? Quality determination of fruits and vegetables is at present characterized by the overwhelming use of sensory evaluation. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0177511.g001, https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0177511.g002, https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0177511.t004, https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0177511.t005. The average of the two sides was used as the corresponding indicator for each fruit. Light Three Quarters Light Full Three Quarters Full Three Quarters Full Banana Hand Banana Caliper 4. pp. The results demonstrated that the correlations between IAD value and C*, firmness with pericarp, firmness without pericarp, and sorbitol content were significant and extremely significant in the different fruit populations (except for the firmness with or without pericarp and the sorbitol content of ‘Xiahui 8’ degree I and degree II fruit, and the C* of degree I ‘Xiaguang’ fruit), which indicated that these four indicators are more suitable for predicting peach maturity. Unfortunately, at present, it is difficult to determine the maturity level of peach fruits by artificial methods. The non-destructive measurement of IAD is not harmful to fruit, the reading is fast and convenient, and it is more desired than the destructive assays, such as firmness and SSC. Elevated depressive symptoms were based on a score 4 using the risk of diabetes (adjusted OR: 1.22, 95% CI: 1.14, 1.31), and the as- 8-item Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression (CES-D) … <>endobj It can also be used to establish a regression equation with good stability and high prediction accuracy, which is of great significance when attempting to determine the maturity of peach fruit and harvest timing. Soluble sugars and organic acids are important components of soluble solids. The correlation between soluble solids content (SSC) and maturity, and regression analysis of fruit SSC and quality indicators in ‘Hujingmilu’ peach, Zhang et al. Masters thesis, Universiti Sains Malaysia. The correlation analysis between IAD value and the indicators for degree I fruits, degree II fruits, and all the collected fruits are shown in Table 3. Fruit maturity can be measured using light transmission properties. In the peach market, the maturity at fruit harvest is always the main factor that restricts its commodity value. <>endobj The mean score of Orto-11 Scale was 24.05±4.36. <>stream IAD values can serve as non-destructive indicators to assay peach maturity, but they have a closer relationship to fruit firmness. For example, mature is defined in Webster's dictionary as: "mature (fr. Accurately determining peach maturity plays an important role in its timely harvesting, classification, packing, transportation, and the guarantee of commodity quality [1]. Quality measurement of fruits and vegetables Judith A. Abbott Horticultural Crops Quality Laboratory, Plant Science Institute, Agricultural Research Ser6ice, USDA, 002, Belts6ille, MD 20705, USA Received 30 June 1998; accepted 11 November 1998 Abstract To investigate and control quality, one must be able to measure quality-related attributes. Strawberries, oranges, boysenberries and grapes are fruits that need to complete the fruit maturation process on the plant. The results showed that firmness has the highest correlation coefficient with IAD. [8] used near-infrared spectroscopy to investigate peach maturity predictions by the partial least square (PLS) model of the SSC and fruit firmness in low-chilling peach. 1-27 Flavio Raponi, Roberto Moscetti, Danilo Monarca, Andrea Colantoni and Riccardo Massantini Low-Carbon The R2 of the two polynomial regressions was higher than the linear regression for the same indicator and same variety, and its Durbin-Watson statistic value was closer to 2, which suggested that the model was more stable. During this process, fruit firmness, the composition and ratio of fruit inclusion, and the peel color change accordingly, and the quality related indicators are significantly different in fruits at different maturity levels [5]. Abbreviations: The firmness with and without the pericarp was determined by a TA-XT Plus texture analyzer (Stable Micro-Systems Texture Technologies Corp, Scarsdale, New York, NY, USA) with a probe diameter of 8 mm, a test depth of 5 mm, and a penetration rate of 1 mm s−1. Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Data processing and analysis were carried out using Microsoft Excel 2010 (Microsoft Corp, Redmond, WA) and SPSS (Version 17.0, SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA). esperamos estar pronto en Tandil leandro Bermudez 30 de setiembre de 2009 Excelente instalaciones Further variance analysis on the one degree term and quadratic term of each equation showed that every partial regression coefficient reached a significant or extremely significant level. Peach fruit firmness is closely related to harvest maturity, which is the main factor affecting the postharvest storage characteristics of the fruit [36]. Hyunsoo Kim, 2020. Every fruit was numbered. OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AND DRY AND DRIED PRODUCE In recent years there has become an increased awareness of the need for the consumer to have fruit available to eat which has reached a satisfactory state of ripeness and which exhibits the true organoleptic characteristics of the produce and of the variety concerned. The objectives of this study were to develop quadratic polynomial regression models using near-infrared spectroscopy that could determine the peel color difference, fruit firmness, soluble solids content (SSC), soluble sugar, organic acid components, and their relationships with the absorbance of chlorophyll (index of absorbance difference, IAD) in late maturing ‘Xiahui 8’ peach and ‘Xiaguang’ nectarine fruits.